sean fretwell photography
sean fretwell photography
Open Mic Session - Madame Claude - 12 March 2023

I finally had a chance to visit another open mic session at Madame Claude in Kreuzberg. Unfortunately I didn't manage to snap all the performers as the place was full and it was hard to get a good viewpoint at times. Great bar and great music. Some very talented people playing in that little downstairs room. Open mic sessions are on every Sunday again so come on down. Check their website for other events happening there, and their FB page (Open Mic L J Fox) and of course on Instagram (Open Mic L J Fox). A very friendly and enthusiastic bunch of people!

If you recognise yourself in a photo and would like the full-res version, please contact me.

Madame Claude
L├╝bbener Str. 19
10997 Berlin

Photos taken with a Nikon D750.
Paul trying to sneak in early
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